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Date(s) - Sep 6, 2018 - Sep 7, 2018

University of Lisbon

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COST ACTION 15130: Study Abroad Research in European Perspective (SAREP)


Working Group 5 meeting
6-7 September 2018

Institute of Education

University of Lisbon
(Organisers: Fred Dervin & Anu Härkönen / Local host: Florbela de Sousa)



The goal of this event is to discuss the ‘interculturality’ of research on interculturality for study abroad. Research on the topic in Europe is increasingly criticized for being too Eurocentric and/or Westerncentric; and lacking ‘real’ interdisciplinarity. This event aims to promote the exchange of new knowledge for research on the topic in Europe.

We use the phrase peripheral perspectives to refer to knowledge and methodologies from outside the ‘mainstream’ used by researchers working on interculturality for study abroad. The idea of the ‘mainstream’ can be understood in different ways. Here it refers to individual researchers’ comfort zone, within their own field(s), language(s), preferred paradigms, approaches and models, geographically-based knowledge and methodologies, etc. How could we borrow from and include (more) peripheral perspectives in our work?  During the event, three plenary speakers will explain how they do and see research on interculturality in study abroad from different geo-political, scientific and ideological perspectives.

We will discuss the presenters’ experiences of including knowledge and methodologies from outside their ‘own’ mainstream: testing and experimenting with different ideas, methodologies, perspectives; looking for inspirations from other fields and parts of the world, etc.

Keynote speakers
Robert Aman, Linköping University, Sweden
Yang Peidong, National Institute of Education, Singapore

Zhao Ke and Ashley Simpson, SUFE China







6 September 2018

9.30-10.30 Welcome from the organisers and presentation of theme

10.30-11.00 Interculturality: learning from the ‘non-Western Other’ – Sara Amadasi and Adrian Holliday

11.00-11.30 Beyond methodological nationalism: transnational migration and interculturality in study abroad (SA) – Paolo Ruspini

11.30-12.00 Discussion between the presenters and the audience

12.00-1.30 LUNCH

1.30-2.00 Education for world citizenship and cosmopolitanism as an important vision for inter-culturalism in study-abroad research – Jacob Dahl Rendtorff

2.00-2.30 World cinema as sources of knowledge about interculturality and study abroad – Andreas Jacobsson

2.30-3.00 TEA BREAK

3.00-3.30 Study abroad, citizenship, and cosmopolitanism: ‘peripheral’ perspectives on interculturality from two cases of intra-Asia student mobility, Peidong Yang

3.30-5.30 Roundtable discussion


7 September 2018

9.30-10.30 Research on study abroad beyond the West? – Zhao Ke and Ashley Simpson

10.30-11.00 The Reference Framework of Competences for Democratic Culture: A danger for study abroad? – Fred Dervin, Ashley Simpson and Yongjian Li

11.00-11.30 COFFEE

11.30-12.00 The Beijing-Helsinki model of interculturality: Applications for study abroad – Yongjian Li and Fred Dervin

12.00-12.30 Peripheral voices in study abroad and interculturality: Listening to practitioners, – Anu Härkönen

12.30-1.00 Discussion between the presenters and the audience

1.00-2.30 LUNCH

2.30-3.30 Impossible interculturality in study abroad? – Robert Aman

3.30-5.30 Roundtable discussion and Working Group meeting: Outcomes and moving forward



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